Monday, August 19, 2019

Bienvenidos! (Welcome!)

Spanish I students:
Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  I look forward to meeting you and working together! 

For this class you will need
1) the Asi Se Dice Spanish 1 textbook
2) a folder for handouts
3) a notebook or loose leaf paper
4) a pen (blue or black ink)

Click on the statement below to watch a fun video:

Let's make this an awesome year together!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mexico extra research

Spanish I Sra. Meidinger
Mexico final project

If you are interested in earning some extra credit points, complete a short research project on your own and submit it before the last day of school, Friday, May 17.

1)      Do additional research about Mexico.  You are to research any topic of your choice.  This topic can be rather broad (crops grown in Mexico) or it can be narrowed to something more specific like a city or an artist from Mexico.  You can choose to do additional / deeper research on anything already talked about in the power point presentation or you can explore topics not mentioned. 

2)      You need to provide the web address of your video or article.  If you choose to view videos, your viewing time needs to be more than 5 minutes for each topic.  This can be one video or 2 or 3 shorter videos.  For each video you will need the web address and the length of the video.

3)      Following your additional research, you will write a paragraph, in English, with this information:   a) Why did you choose this topic?
b)      What are at least 3 new/additional things that you learned about this topic?

Submit this page of information before Friday, May 17.

Topic URL / book / article / etc.  __________________________________________________ 
          Pages # in book / magazine   ____________    Length of video  __________  

Extra Credit Projects can be submitted directly to me through email:

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

martes, el 7 de mayo

Extra credit possibility:

On a sheet of notebook paper write the answers to these two text book activities:

p. 260 Act. 4 (1-4)
P. 261 Act. 5 (1-10) Write the full sentence with the conjugated verb.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

lunes, el 6 de mayo

Bonus points option!!!

Many students mixed up the demonstrative adjectives when they wrote the test on Friday.  La profesora muy simpática tiene una buena idea!

Go to  Use game code: 616814.  

You may use your notes to complete this activity. You may earn up to 5 points (based on the % of correct answers you have) which will be added to your test score. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

jueves, el 2 de mayo

Test on Friday, May 3 over Cap. 9 Grammar

Go to  and use code 805554 to practice demonstrative adjectives and comparative & superlative.  Everyone must complete this activity at least once.  1st hour & 7th hour students that were in class today already completed it once, but you can complete it again for additional practice.

The test is also over saber vs. conocer.  There is a quizizz activity listed under "jueves, el 25 de abril" that can be done to practice those verbs.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

miércoles, el 1 de mayo

miércoles, el 1 de mayo:  If you missed class today, take out a clean sheet of notebook paper and copy the following activities onto that paper.  Due:  jueves, el 2 de mayo     

Test:  viernes, el 3 de mayo

Saber vs. Conocer – Copy each sentence & add the correct verb / form in the blank.
1. Yo _____ a Edgardo.
2. Tú ____ preparar mucha comida latina.
3. Tú ____ a mis primos.
4. Ellos ____ Perú y Ecuador.
5.Yo no ___ dónde vive Juana.

Comparativo / Superlativo (Go to p. 4 of your worksheet packet. Write the comparative sentences that would be the answers to these numbers.)
Superlative:  Use the answer provided in #10 as a model for 11 & 12.
10. Sonia is the most intelligent in the class.
           Sonia es la más inteligente de la clase.
11. Antonio is the tallest in the class.
12. Teresa is the youngest in the class.

Textbook p. 313 Act. 16  Write the sentences-- change singular to plural and plural to singular. 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

jueves, el 25 de abril

Today we are testing over numbers.  After the test, we will be working with the verbs saber & conocer.  There are two assignments:

1) go to  & use the code 160739  You can use your worksheets to complete this activity.
2) Complete Act. B on p. 1 of the new workbook packet